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Course Topics

Introduction to Evolutionary Medicine:

The Hygiene Hypothesis:

More – Amish Asthma

The Evolution of Aging and Menopause:

Antibiotic Resistance:

Evolution on hospital rounds

A Comeback for Antibiotic Cycling –

Evolution of High Altitude Adaptation:

Mental Health and Manipulative Microbes (and Zombies):

More –

Fever – What is Normal During Infection:

The Paleo Diet Hypothesis (and the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis)

The Evolution of Sleep:

The Evolution of Cancer:

The Evolution of Virulence:

And –

Developmental Origins of Disease:

Mini-topic The Smoke Detector Principle:

Sickness Behavior and Illness Anorexia:

More references

Medication Taking as Adaptation:


The Obesity Paradox:


Mini-topic The appendix, what is it good for?

Genetic Reproductive Conflicts

And –

And –

Mini-topic Evolutionary Implications of Microchimerism:

Clot-busting Bacteria:

Evolutionary Toxicology:

Allergy and Toxicology –

All Stings Considered. Toxins defined –





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