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About Joe Alcock – author of the Evolution Medicine blog

I am a practicing emergency physician and a professor in the University of New Mexico Department of Emergency Medicine. Since 2008, I have taught a Fall semester course on Evolutionary Medicine to undergraduates and graduate students through the Biology Department, where I am an adjunct professor. After medical school at UCLA and residency at the University of New Mexico, I have been committed to educating students and studying the translational potential of evolutionary medicine. The intersection of medicine and evolutionary biology comprises a discipline that is quickly gathering steam, with direct benefits to patient care. My current research uses evolutionary principles to understand cooperation and conflict in the human gut microbiome related to acute and chronic diseases.


Find me at @JoeAlcockMD on Twitter

Click here for publications from ResearchGate

Click here for a PubMed indexed publication list.

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Email is joalcock (at) salud (dot) unm (dot) edu

Recent Publications:
The pandemic exposes human nature: 10 evolutionary insights PNAS 2020
Conflicts over calcium and the treatment of covid-19 EMPH 2020
Let fever do its job: the meaning of fever in the pandemic era EMPH 2020
Kombucha: a novel model system for cooperation and conflict in a complex multi-species microbial ecosystem PEERJ 2019
The Emperor Has No Clothes? Searching for Dysregulation in Sepsis. Journal of Clinical Medicine 2018
How nurse gender influences patient priority assignments in US emergency departments. Pain 2017

Fatty acids from diet and microbiota regulate energy metabolism. F1000 Research 2015.

Ethnic disparities in emergency severity index scores among U.S. Veteran’s Affairs emergency department patients. PLOS One. 2015

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