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Suggested Writing Projects for Next Session

Thanks to all who participated in the inaugural Evolutionary Medicine course at UNM! Especially thanks to everybody who participated in the discussion. Some novel and very interesting hypotheses were presented.
Since we did not discuss Sickle cell anemia, I am going to suggest some other writing topics. You are still welcome to read about sickle cell anemia and write about it but you also may write about:

1) The role of natural selection in antibiotic resistance. Why is it that multidrug therapy is used in preventing resistance in HIV?

2) Why does a mosquito bite itch? Is it a by-product of something else, or does itch have a function?

Writing projects should be about 1 page long. No more than 2 pages long max! They are due at the beginning of each lecture.

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Joe Alcock

Emergency Physician, Educator, Researcher, interested in the microbiome, evolution, and medicine

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