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The September 8 session will cover the topic of gene-environment mismatch and disease. Gene-environment mismatch helps explain sickle cell disease in North America. It is also an important feature of human illness in extreme environments, such as SCUBA diving and high altitude mountaineering. We will discuss human adaptation to high altitude environments and explore how long it may take for high altitude populations to achieve adaptedness that matches sea-level inhabitants.

Lecture handout for 9/8/8 is here:mismatch-handout

When you click on a link it might take a while for the link to load. Be patient. If you can’t access the material, leave a comment, or email me.

Readings for Sept 8th:
1. Evolution and the Origin of Disease. Nesse, RM. Scientific American November 1998: 86-93.
2. Three High Altitude Peoples, Three Adaptations to Thin Air. Hillary Mayell. National Geographic News. February 25, 2004.

3. Two routes to functional adaptation: Tibetan and Andean high altitude natives. Beall CM. PNAS May 20071:suppl 1(8655-8660).

Please read all three prior to 9/8/8.


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