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Novel Environments

The September 8 session will cover the topic of gene-environment mismatch and disease. Gene-environment mismatch helps explain sickle cell disease in North America. It is also an important feature of human illness in extreme environments, such as SCUBA diving and high altitude mountaineering. We will discuss human adaptation to high […]

Suggested Writing Projects for Next Session

Thanks to all who participated in the inaugural Evolutionary Medicine course at UNM! Especially thanks to everybody who participated in the discussion. Some novel and very interesting hypotheses were presented. Since we did not discuss Sickle cell anemia, I am going to suggest some other writing topics. You are still […]

First Week Evo Med Course!

Introduction to Evolutionary Medicine. This First Session will be devoted to an overview of evolutionary medicine and a discussion of sickle cell anemia. Pictured above is a pregnant woman with sickle cell disease. Click here to get the first lecture slides:introductory-lecture Click here to get the second lecture slides:sickle-cell-handout Click […]