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First Week Evo Med Course!

Introduction to Evolutionary Medicine. This First Session will be devoted to an overview of evolutionary medicine and a discussion of sickle cell anemia. Pictured above is a pregnant woman with sickle cell disease.

Click here to get the first lecture slides:introductory-lecture

Click here to get the second lecture slides:sickle-cell-handout

Click here to get the syllabus for the course: Syllabus

Readings for the each weeks lecture are listed in the syllabus and are below:

1. Introduction and Overview of Evolutionary Medicine. Chapter 1 in: Evolutionary Medicine and Health. 2008. Trevathan WR, Smith EO, McKenna JJ. Page 1-54.
2. The Great Opportunity: Evolutionary applications to medicine and public health. Nesse, RM and Stearns SC. Evolutionary Applications 1 (2008) 28-48.
3. Two Lessons from the Interface of Genetics and Medicine. Allison A. Genetics 166: 1591–1599 (April 2004) (Read page 1-5)

Reading 1) is on eReserve. The others are here (only for now).

All readings for the course will (eventually) be placed on electronic reserve.

Click Here for Ereserve

The course is listed as BIOL 402-027 – Evolutionary Medicine Fall 2008 Alcock or
BIOL 502-027 – Evolutionary Medicine Fall 2008 Alcock

The password for eReserve has been removed from this post. It will be available in class if you did not write it down.

There is no class next week – Labor Day.

The next session will be on 9/8/08. Readings for that day are below:

Readings for Sept 8th:
1. Evolution and the Origin of Disease. Nesse, RM. Scientific American November 1998: 86-93.
2. Three High Altitude Peoples, Three Adaptations to Thin Air. Hillary Mayell. National Geographic News. February 25, 2004.

3. Two routes to functional adaptation: Tibetan and Andean high altitude natives. Beall CM. PNAS May 20071:suppl 1(8655-8660).

Office Hours: for Dr. Alcock are by appointment only. He may be contacted at 265-1711 ext 2621 or with the email provided in class.

Ignore the automatically generated links below. They are not for this class.

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Joe Alcock

Emergency Physician, Educator, Researcher, interested in the microbiome, evolution, and medicine

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