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Writing project (10/13/08) Choose one: a) Dengue fever immobilizes its adult victims. Does immobilization help or hurt the transmission of the virus? How is dengue different from the common cold? What are three ways that pathgens can be transmitted? How does the way something is transmitted affect its virulence? b) […]

Handout for 9/22/08 & Articles for 9/29/08

all-stings-considered Click above for the lecture handout for 9/22/08 Articles for the “journal club” are slightly different from those posted in the syllabus. They include: Effects of Artificial Light function of the appendix evolution-and-hypertension factor V Leiden benefit psychosis and infection For 9/29/08 the class will divide into 5 groups. […]

Writing Project for 9/22/08

From the syllabus: Writing project (due next session): Some illnesses make you feel bad, but you can still go about your business: e.g upper respiratory infections caused by rhinoviruses. Other infections wipe you out and you can’t get out of bed. Is it in the rhinovirus’s best interest to keep […]

All Stings Considered…

The subject of the next lecture 9/22/08 will be evolutionary considerations of venoms, toxins, and antibodies to these molecules. What is the difference between a venom and a toxin? Are biologic toxins different from organic toxins? Who benefits from a toxin?  (not including Phillip Morris 🙂 ) What if a “toxin” actually […]

Writing Project for 9/15

From the syllabus: Reminder: writing projects can be found on the syllabus if they are not posted here. Click on the syllabus link above to get access to the complete course syllabus. Writing project: (due monday 9/15/08), pick one: a) Explain what scuba diving and high altitude mountaineers have in […]

Mismatch and Mimicry

What are the consequences of caveman genes interacting with the modern environment… radically different food, new technology, petro-chemicals, artificial light, drugs? Novelty and extreme environments often cause disease. Perhaps we are optimized for a Pleistocene environment. Lecture tomorrow will explain how a variety of illnesses occur because of our caveman […]

Questions and Comments

I will attempt to answer questions posed to me by email at this blog. One recent question was: “Something you mentioned in class – “evolution has bigger effects the younger you are.”  does not make immediate sense to me, and I was hoping you can explain this in a bit […]