Final Project Template and Rubric

Chris Engdahl kindly offered to share his powerpoint from a previous class. This is a well crafted presentation. You will not be expected to duplicate something like this exactly:

Cancer Presentation

Some recommendation I have for students this year:

1) Do not feel limited to powerpoint. Some A+ presentations in previous years did not use it.

2) If you use powerpoint, do not exceed 15 slides, excluding references. Look at each slide and ask the question: are most slides about evolution? If not, it will be hard to get an A. Put your evolutionary hypothesis early in the talk (not at the end).

3) State the proximate and ultimate (evolutionary) hypotheses for your topic.

4) You should state why the disease raises an evolutionary question. Using Chris Engdahl’s example, cancer is partly genetic yet it is one of the most common causes of death. Genes that are associated with cancer are expected to be removed by natural selection. They are not. Why then, is cancer so common?

5) You will get bonus points if you include natural selection in your presentation. Try to do this.

6) Remember, less is more. Avoid wordy slides with lots of text. Do not read from your slides. Use key words on your slide to prompt you to elaborate on the points you want to make.

7) While not part of the rubric, I value creative thinking.  New ideas, or a new spin on an old idea will be likely to boost your grade.

8) Time your talk. You have 15 minutes including questions. Aim for 12 minutes for your lecture. Practice your talk with friends, parents, your dog, the mirror.

Here is the grading rubric:Final Rubric

Here is a template for a powerpoint presentation: Template

The template is just to give you an idea of how to organize the presentation. Do not feel constrained by the template. Again, you are welcome to come up with a brand new hypothesis, something that has no evidence for it yet, but might be testable. You are also welcome to combine points on the same slide and re-order the topics in the Template, so long as it makes sense for your topic.

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