EvolutionMedicine: the podcast


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Joe Alcock MD – Welcome to the new EvolutionMedicine podcast

I am launching a new podcast in evolutionary medicine. It will be available here at EvolutionMedicine.com for now. We plan to have this podcast on iTunes and other platforms, but not yet! Here is the inaugural EvolutionMedicine ‘cast: The State of the Science of Evolutionary Medicine. Many more to come.

Venn Diagram

Evolutionary Medicine includes these three domains

Note: I mentioned Nescent in the podcast. It is now TriCEM. Check it out: Tricem.org

Follow this link for the International Society for Evolution Medicine and Public Health nudge, nudge,  you should sign up!

The Evolution Medicine and Public Health journal is here: emph.oxfordjournals.org good stuff!

The Arizona State University’s Center for Evolution and Medicine is here: Evmed.asu.edu

EvMedEd is a great resource: EvMedEd.org

The Emergence of Evolutionary Medicine, Journal of Evolutionary Medicine




2 thoughts on “EvolutionMedicine: the podcast

  1. Randy Horwitz

    Wow! I love that you’re expanding the blog by adding a podcast. Very excited to hear more of these! Thanks for your efforts in this great field!


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