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Special CETI Lecture – Elies Bik PhD

This Friday, October 28th, don’t miss Elies Bik’s special invited lecture for the University of New Mexico Center for Evolutionary and Theoretical Immunology and for Evolutionary Medicine students. She will be discussing her recent work on marine mammal microbiomes. How do you sample marine mammal microbiomes anyway? Find out on Friday!

Title: “A world full of wonder, under the sea: Marine mammal microbiomes”

Oct 28, 2016 – 12:00pm – 01:00pm,  lunch is available at 11:30am.

 107 Castetter Hall


Elisabeth Bik is a Research Associate at the Department of Medicine, Division Infectious Diseases, at Stanford University School of Medicine. In addition to her amazing work focused on the human and animal microbiomes, she is editor of MicrobiomeDigest, a daily compendium of microbiome research. Dr. Bik She received her PhD at Utrecht University in The Netherlands and worked at the Dutch National Institute for Health and the St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein. In 2001, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to join the laboratory of David Relman at Stanford. In the past 15 years she worked on the characterization of the human microbiome in thousands of oral, gastric, and intestinal samples. She currently works on the microbiota analysis of marine mammals and children with inflammatory bowel diseases.

Bik et al. 2016 Nature – Marine mammals harbor unique microbiotas shaped by and yet distinct from the sea


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