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These recent publications relating to evolutionary medicine will be discussed on October 4th. (September 27th we are discussing the Paleo diets and Paleo delusions.)

Group A. Why do humans drink alcohol?

Carrigan et al. PNAS 2015 Hominids adapted to metabolize ethanol long before human-directed fermentation.

Group B. Why do elephants get less cancer than humans?

Abeggien et al. JAMA 2015 Potential Mechanisms for Cancer Resistance in Elephants and Comparative Cellular Response to DNA Damage in Humans

Group C. Why is physical activity associated with health?

Lieberman Current Sports Medicine 2015. Is Exercise Really Medicine Evolutionary Perspective

Group D.  Does early stress leave a lasting, maybe adaptive, impression on the body?

Gosling  Ann Hum Genetics 2015. Pacific Populations Metabolic Disease And Just So Stories


Grading rubric for journal club presentations is here:

1) What is the condition or disease described in the paper?

2) What is the proximate explanation for the disease (no more than a sentence or two)?

3) What are the evolutionary hypotheses to explain the condition? If there are multiple hypotheses, each student should present an individual idea.

4) Does the paper present any data? Are the ideas supported by evidence?

5) Does the logic of the paper make sense? Is it a flawed paper that whose conclusions are questionable?

6) Which hypothesis makes most sense to you? Would you recommend the paper for the next year’s class?

7) Additional points towards the grade will be given for presentation style. This includes good eye contact and understandable speech.

8) Individual contribution.

9) Answered questions concisely, in a way that increased understanding of concepts.

10) Asked good questions of other presentations.



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Joe Alcock

Emergency Physician, Educator, Researcher, interested in the microbiome, evolution, and medicine

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