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Journal Club September 23

Each group will present their assigned article on 9/23/14

The name of the game of these presentations is to present the major ideas of the article and to provide a critique. Each student will need to make part of the presentation individually.

Each group must decide whether they think the article is a good one or not. There is at least one questionable article in the bunch.

Each group will have 20 minutes to make their presentation. Each group will need to meet or Skype to discuss how you are going to divide up each topic for presentation next Tuesday.

Grading will be based on how well the student is able to explain the following:

1) What is the condition or disease described in the paper?

2) What is the proximate explanation for the disease (no more than a sentence or two).

3) What are the evolutionary hypotheses to explain the condition? If there are multiple hypotheses, each student should present an individual idea. The evolutionary reasoning should be carefully explained so that the audience can understand the concept.

4) Does the paper present any data? Are the ideas supported by evidence?

5) Does the logic of the paper make sense? Is it a flawed paper that whose conclusions are questionable?

6) Which hypothesis makes most sense to you? Would you recommend the paper for the next year’s class?

Additional points towards the grade will be given for presentation style. This includes good eye contact and understandable speech.

Group 1:

Greaves Human Skin Pigmentation

Group 2:

Rhys-Evans Aquatic Ape

Group 3:

Yolken Psychosis and infectious agents

Group 4:

Lindqvist Factor V Leiden and Evolution

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Joe Alcock

Emergency Physician, Educator, Researcher, interested in the microbiome, evolution, and medicine

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