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Welcome Evo Med Students

The 2014 UNM Evolutionary Medicine course meets for the first time today in Castetter Hall room 258. (The illustration above shows a timeline of first antibiotic use and date of first recorded antibiotic resistance – from Clatworthy et al. 2007 Nat Chem Biol 3, 541-8). In this class we will discuss antibiotic resistance and a wide variety of other evolutionary topics in medicine.

Readings for this week include:

1. Alcock and Schwartz 2011 A clinical perspective in Evolutionary Medicine: What we

wish we had learned in medical school. Evolution: Education and Outreach, 2011.

2. Stearns . Evolutionary Medicine: Its Scope, Interest, and Potential. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2013.

Here are the slides from the first lecture: Introduction to Evolutionary Medicine 2014


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Joe Alcock

Emergency Physician, Educator, Researcher, interested in the microbiome, evolution, and medicine

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