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Emergence of Evolutionary Medicine: Publication Trends from 1991- 2010

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Emergence of Evolutionary Medicine: Publication Trends from 1991- 2010 was published last year in the Journal of Evolutionary Medicine.

This article explores the domain of evolutionary medicine, conceptualized by the area of overlap shown in the following Venn diagram:

Venn Diagram

Publication in the area of Evolutionary Medicine is experiencing exponential growth. These are the number of annual publications with keywords “Evolutionary Medicine” between 1991 and 2011 in Google scholar:


A search in PubMed using the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Medicine and Biological Evolution reveals a similar pattern:

Biological Evolution and Medicine

The term “Darwinian medicine” is becoming less popular than “evolutionary medicine”

N gram veiwer

Read “Emergence of Evolutionary Medicine” here.

Read a Slide Presentation on Evolutionary Medicine Topics Here:

Trends in Evolutionary Medicine

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