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Lecture follow up

Here is a link about John Snow, thought to be the father of epidemiology, who discovered that cholera was water borne and whose work helped halt a cholera epidemic in the 1850s.

Read this link about Ignaz Semmelweis who is credited as the discoverer of antiseptic technique; he was not treated as a hero in his day and met a bad end. Cartoon below lifted from Beatrice the Biologist.

Germ Theory by Beatrice the Biologist

The next few weeks will cover the following topics (check back Wednesday night for readings and assignment for next week):

Week 12 November 5

Evolution and Mental Health

Week 13 November 12

Parasite manipulation of host behavior

Week 14 November 19

Anorexia (not eating) and medication taking as adaptive sickness behaviors

Week 15 – November 26

Special guest lecture, Roland Cooper PhD

Malaria and the evolution of antimalarial resistance.

Week 16 December 3

Final Presentations

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Emergency Physician, Educator, Researcher, interested in the microbiome, evolution, and medicine

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