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EvoMed 2012 Revised Syllabus

Writing assignment due 9/11/12:

Why does weight at birth affect the risk of developing diabetes in adulthood?

Readings below will help you answer this question. Please check back on 9/5/12 for an updated schedule and syllabus to accommodate the guest speakers we are having this semester.

Reading #1 gives the theoretical background for this topic. Please read carefully: kuzawa-chapter-for-evolutionary-anthropology

Reading #2 is a data paper, pay attention to the results:Norris et al 2012

This last reading is to stimulate discussion about the role of disease symptoms as host defenses:fever-and-survival
The next 4 class sessions are on the following topics:

September 11, Diabetes and the evolution of insulin resistance We will also introduce the idea of disease symptoms as host defenses and the smoke detector principle

September 18, We are going to explore the most evolved food: milk, as well as the capacity of human populations to evolve in the face of dietary change. If time permits we will also include a discussion of balancing selection.

September 25, Hygiene Hypothesis – special guest lecturer Ben Hanelt PhD, UNM Department of Biology and Center for Evolutionary and Theoretical Immunology

October 2, Pain and Evolution – special guest lecturer Jacob Vigil PhD, UNM Department of Psychology.

Here is the revised updated schedule, please download Revised Evo-med-schedule-2012

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