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September 27th lecture and writing assignment

Writing Assignment: For next week I would like you to craft a written response to this observation and question:

The geographical distribution of sickle cell trait roughly matches locations where Falciparum malaria occurs. Because the sickle cell allele is also widespread in North America, what do you think will happen to the frequency of this allele over the next 200 years? Defend your answer.

Due September 27th in class.

Special guest lecture: Next week we are pleased to have Kenneth Letendre give a lecture on the role of infectious disease on human behavior, including its effects on violence, xenophobia and warfare. He will describe a novel hypothesis of infectious burden’s effects on populations and societies.

Journal Club assignments (Presentations will be held on October 4th, 2011)

This is a group effort. I recommend that each individual in the group take part in the presentation. Powerpoint is not necessary.  Some articles have one central idea, but  most present several hypotheses. Thus, students can divide up these separate topics. Each student should take no longer than 5 minutes to give his/her portion. It is not necessary to discuss every bit of every paper. Groups can decide how to present and whether the study or review can be critiqued in any way.

Group 1: Factor V Leiden Mutation

Group 2: appendix

Group 3: Obesity

Group 4: psychosis and infection

Group 5: osteoporosis

Group 6: dirt

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