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Final Projects

I hope that everybody had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Final projects will be graded depending on the following elements:


a) Does the topic relate to a disease of humans?

b) Does the project include one of the categories of evolutionary medicine hypotheses we have covered in class?

c) Is the evolutionary hypothesis presented clearly?

d) If there are alternative hypotheses, are they discussed?

e) Does the presenter demonstrate an understanding of natural selection/evolutionary biology in describing their project?


a) Is this a novel hypothesis or concept?

b) If not, does the presenter clearly describe his or her own ideas about the hypothesis?

b) If it is an existing hypothesis, does the presenter think of new ways to test the idea?

Reasoning Skills

a) Does the presenter make a logical argument?

b) Does the presenter explain the predictions and existing evidence for a hypothesis?

Style Points

a) Does the presenter keep to the time limit for the presentation?

b) Does the presenter make eye contact with the audience?

c) Does the presenter answer questions concisely and clearly?

d) If powerpoint is used, are slides crafted without excessive text or unreadable figures?

e) Does the presenter give a summary of the presentation?


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Joe Alcock

Emergency Physician, Educator, Researcher, interested in the microbiome, evolution, and medicine

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